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Centered in the heart of Fishtown, Philadelphia, Minnow Lane is one of the only providers in the city of a wide variety of eco forward children's clothing, developmental toys, and natural products for children and young families, including maternity and postpartum care.
Who are we? Why are we?
We're two local friends with young families who were inspired in 2015 to open a special kind of children's shop in our neighborhood featuring high quality, ethically, and sustainably made products. While researching products for our babies and ourselves, we were disheartened to see the amount of plastic, packaging & production waste, as well as, toxic chemicals that go into the creation of children's products. We kept saying "aahh....this shouldn't be normal!" Even the "green" companies weren't transparent about their so called sustainable business practices. We opened our little shop as an offering to our community that reflects our values of respecting our planet and the humans that live on it.

Mainly, we're a retail store, but we’re also set up as a gathering space for expectant parents and young families to participate in creative, informational, and supportive classes and workshops. We also love throwing parties on First Fridays and weekends!

We enjoy taking on the responsibility and doing the research to provide our community, just as we would our own families, with all natural, eco-friendly, socially and ethically conscious, toys and products made with toxin free, renewable and reusable materials.

Products in the store include toys, clothing & accessories, organic skincare & bath products, natural remedies, babywearing options, breastfeeding products, teething & feeding products, children's books, and so much more.


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Rebecca & Rita

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