Avanchy Stainless Steel Baby Bowl + Spoon + Airtight Lid - Green

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Ages: 4m - 6y

The Avanchy Stainless Steel Baby Bowl and Air Tight Lid stick firmly to any flat surface. No more sliding, tipping, or tantrum flipping!

A silicone suction ring holds the bowl firmly in place. An easy-release tab lets you quickly move the bowl after mealtime. (The silicone ring on the stainless-steel baby bowls are removable and interchangeable with the ring on the bamboo suction bowls.)

This insulated 18/8 stainless-steel baby bowl prevents heat transfer, keeping food hot and little fingers cool.

An airtight lid keeps leftovers fresh and lets you feed baby nutritious food on the go. Vibrant color choices let you color-code contents according to the child or type of food. And the stackable lid saves you fridge and cabinet space.

Crafted from double-walled, non-heat transferring, 18/8 stainless steel, this plate endures banging, dishwashers, and all sorts of rough treatment. It's easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.

The Avanchy stainless steel bowl is suitable for children aged 4 months to 72 months.

• Infant spoons have a smaller head and longer handle that's ideal for adults to feed babies with.

• The baby spoons have been designed to have a "grown-up" feel so toddlers can be proud to use them.


• One (1) double-walled stainless-steel baby bowl with no-slip silicone ring

• One (1) airtight silicone lid

• One (1) Baby or Infant stainless steel spoons with silicone handle

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