Cherry Rattle

$ 14.99

Ages: 4m+

Crafted from American cherry wood with a cherry dowel. This beautiful cherry wood rattle by Camden Rose is sculpted in natural forms. A cherry wood bead slides back and forth to create a delightful soothing sound. After the rattles are sanded baby smooth, they are finished with Three BEEautiful Bees certified organic Jojoba Oil (a plant-based oil). This Waldorf style rattle allows a cause-and-effect noise with the cherry bead being visible. The hand sanded, sculpted outer ring allows for a unique tactile experience for the baby - no two rattles are alike. Keep the rattle wood conditioned with jojoba oil. The rattle comes eco wrapped in USA made tissue to ensure newness. As with any item for babies, wood is strong but should be checked for damage if thrown. These natural rattles are a perfect baby gift! No animal testing - cruelty free.

Dimension: Approximately 3" Diameter
Material: Cherry Wood
Finished with MOFGA Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
Made in the USA
Recommended for Ages 4 months and up

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