Single Layer Organic Merino Wool Nursing Pads (2pk)

$ 5.00

Single layer of ultra soft, felted, organic merino interlock wool, in a variety of low impact, professionally dyed colors. Chemical free, highly absorbent, and ultra breathable antibacterial wool, makes for a fabulous pad! Super for days!

Each pad is 4 inches in diameter. 

Easy care instructions: Because of the antimicrobial properties of wool, wool nursing pads do not need to be washed often. Most nursing moms find that it works well to have two pairs and wear one pair while the other pair is air drying, switching between them as needed. They are ready to be washed when they start to feel stiff, usually between once a week and once a month depending on the amount of leaking. Wash in a sink of warm water with gentle wool wash or baby shampoo. Wrap in a towel and press to remove excess water and then lay flat to dry. You may lanolize them if you would like.

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