Maia™ Breast Milk Storage System

$ 124.00

Not interested in packing a bulky cooler and multiple parts? Finally, an easy solution made just for you....  with Maia by Pippy Sips you can: pump, cool, and store your breast milk. 

Temperature gauge to ensure safe temperature range: Use your finger to double-tap on or near the screen of the Thermo-lid. Alternatively, you can give Maia a brief shake back and forth in a windshield-wiper motion to reveal the temperature on the screen.  

  • Easily fits in most hand/pump/diaper bags.
  • Includes BPA-free bottle that connects to Medela standard mouth (*except Medela Freedom Flex) and like-sized pump shields/flanges. Includes adapter ring if connecting to Spectra brand and like-sized shields/flanges.
  • Freeze the cooling “Puck” overnight for 16+ hours of safe temperature for your breastmilk the next day.
  • No batteries or plugs/cords needed.
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