Gently Used Consignment

PLEASE READ our Consignment Guidelines AND submit a signed Consignment Agreement (form below) before you bring any items into the shop for review. If you have any questions, please email:


Cool weather items are accepted: August - February
Warm weather items are accepted: March - July

Vintage and handmade items are accepted year round



  • Stain-free, gently worn, seasonably appropriate children's clothes, accessories & shoes for ages newborn-5y
  • Safe babywearing items including carriers, wraps, slings, conversions, and wovens

(items will be immediately donated)

  • Maternity clothes
  • Large items such as strollers, furniture, car seats, play gyms, bouncy seats, etc. 
  • Worn in/dirty slippers
  • Polyester footies, onesies or pajamas (except unique vintage!) 
  • Any clothing with pet hair 
  • Non-seasonal items 
  • Items with ANY scent: mildew, smoke, perfume from detergent, etc.
  • Toys and Games

Consignment Term: 60 days

Consignment Split: 

  • Babywearing: 70% of sales to consignor 
  • Clothes, shoes, cloth diapering, other accessories: 50% of sales if paid out, 60% if store credit is issued 


Consignment Process

  1. Review the consignment guidelines. 
  2. Only bring in good condition and clean items that are free of stains, pet hair, tears, excessive wear, or scents. Make sure all buttons are buttoned and snaps closed (it takes our staff time to get your items presentation ready). 
  3. Place items in a bag or box, clearly labeled with your full name. 
  4. Sign our Consignment Agreement by filling out the form below
  5. Drop off your items on the date you selected on your form. Sundays are preferred.
    1. Only ONE drop off per 60 day term. Any items dropped off within your term after your initial drop off will be donated. 
    2. Minimum of 15 items, maximum of 50 items.
  6. Your items will be evaluated, priced, and displayed within 2 weeks of your drop off. We will email you at that point with accepted item count.
  7. Payout will be within three weeks of the end of your term.
  8. If you choose to pickup unsold items, they are available for pick up within 14 days of payment during store hours.
  9. Items are donated 15 days after you are paid.

Consignment Agreement

By submitting the form below, you are agreeing to the following: 

Minnow Lane can sell any or all items brought to the store that are deemed sale worthy. 

Minnow Lane will have the final say as to an item’s appropriateness for the sale and price. 

Minnow Lane will donate any items that are listed in the “ITEMS WE DO NOT ACCEPT” section of these guidelines without notice. 

We do our best to provide security for all items at our store, but Minnow Lane will not be held responsible in the event of stolen or lost items, damaged items or errors on pricing tags.

Unsold Items

You may choose to pick up or donated unsold items at the end of the consignment term. Donated items go to either a non-profit thrift store or will be sold in store with proceeds going to maintaining our back space for free group classes and community programs (fundraisers, free meetups and groups, ICAN meetings, or providing free physical space for socially conscious community non-profits.) If you are picking up your items, you have 14 days to pick up your unsold items after you are paid or they become property of Minnow Lane and may be donated. 

Minnow Lane will prepare payment within 3 weeks of the consignment end date. You agree that you will make no claims against Minnow Lane or any of its representatives for any discrepancies over items sold. As a consignor, you also waive the right for any and all claims, including personal injury and/or physical damages, against Minnow Lane and any of its representatives, or the leases or leasers of the space, that are in any way related to the sale.


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